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  • Dad Arrested for Shooting Down a Drone

    Dad Arrested for Shooting Down a Drone for Spying in His Backyard where his teenage daughter was sunbathing With the advent of drones, there has been a rise in national debates over the rights to privacy, property and self-defense. Lawmakers are finding it difficult to respond to controversies involving drones ...
  • Underground Drone Racing

    Taking place in an abandoned warehouse in Melbourne, Australia, 30 drone racers have gathered for a high speed showdown in a drone race competition. They spent countless hours preparing their drones with multi rotors and custom fitted cameras. This is a new sport known as FPV racing or first person ...
  • Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone

    We are not quite sure how to best describe this flying machine in the video below. We are sure that it was custom made from 54 drones or at least the rotors that drones use to soar through our skies. The british inventor which goes by the name Gasturbine101 on ...
  • The Drone Fight Club

    Meet Kyle Ettinger, a fifteen year old kid from Cupertino, California that is one of the most feared pilots in the emerging world of drone combat. Despite being half the age of his rival competitors, Kyle is a force to be reckoned with in the drone fight club world. The ...
  • Nude Beach Camera Drone

    A man was enjoying a hot summer day in Oahu, Hawaii. He decided to fly his drone over the beach to get some great footage. When saw people trying to attack the drone as it flew lower, he realized that he stumbled upon a nude beach. Don't worry, nudeness is blurred ...
  • How To Get Your Commercial Drone License

    How To Get Your Commercial Drone License For The Time Being Apparently the most affordable way to get your commercial drone license is to take hot air balloon lessons. It sounds crazy, but there are many drone owners taking advantage of this legal loophole. Many freelance photographers want to be ...
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