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Sony Has A New Drone Prototype Called AS-DTO1-E

Sony is another company that is getting into the drone business. The companies mobile division is teaming up with ZMP, a robotics firm from Japan that will offer commercial drone surveying and inspection services to businesses. Sony unveiled a new video that shows the prototype, AS-DTO1-E. This camera drone looks like a miniature airplane, but is able to take off and land vertically. It can carry objects up to 22 pounds, fly for more than two hours, and has a top speed of about 106 miles per hour. The commercial drone industry is a thriving market for companies like, Amazon, Facebook & Google. With this particular drone, Sony plans on targeting enterprise customers, implementing cameras, telecommunications, and robotics technology to capture aerial imagery that can be processed in the cloud. This drone is set to roll out services in early 2016.



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