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Federal Aviation Administration Approval On Commercial Drones

Federal Aviation Administration Approval, Commercial Drones Set To Take Off

There are many stories about how Amazon and Google want to use commercial drone technology, but in fact the Federal Aviation Administration has already approved over 1300 businesses and individuals to use drones for commercial purposes. The UAV industry is taking off with alot of potential for commercial drone use in industries such as search and rescue, real estate, construction and more. These are a few of the industries where there are safety issues where drones could be of help to limit casualties.
Cause For Concern
There is always concern, especially when there have been over 700 sightings of drones from aircraft pilots so far this year. According to the FAA, involving commercial jets to aerial fire fighters. With many close calls happening, a slight mishap could give the commercial drone industry a bad name. There are many drone companies attempting to increase outreach education so drone owners can be better prepared to know the rules and regulations to operate responsibly.

The FAA Warning App
The Federal Aviation Administration is aware of the growing number of drone sightings and they are beta testing a new app that would warn drone operators if they come within a restricted area, typically within a 5 mile radius of an airport. Recreational drones are required to stay below 400 feet and away from stadiums. Violators could be fined in the tens of thousands if prosecuted.

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