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Eagle Attacks Camera Drone

Here is some amazing video footage of an eagle attacking a camera drone. The drone was attacked by a wedge tailed eagle over a forest in the Melbourne AU area. The eagle probably thought it was prey as it attacked and sent the drone tumbling to the ground. Wedge tailed eagles can fly as high as six thousand feet are highly territorial predatory animals. They have been known to attack helicopters and paragliders that have entered their air space. Now they can add drones to their list of fallen prey. The operator of the drone said that the eagle appeared to be fine after the drone confrontation, but his drone required some repairs.

More Eagle Attacks On Drones

This is not the first instance of an eagle attacking a camera drone. In 2014, a glider equipped with an autopilot designed to test flight mimicking of soaring birds by researchers was carried off by an eagle. Since these occurrences, The US National park service implemented a ban on drones flying over national parks in June of 2014.

“Drones have negative impacts on wildlife nearby the area of use that is not conducive to wilderness travel,” the National Park Service said.



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