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How To Get Your Commercial Drone License

How To Get Your Commercial Drone License For The Time Being

Apparently the most affordable way to get your commercial drone license is to take hot air balloon lessons. It sounds crazy, but there are many drone owners taking advantage of this legal loophole. Many freelance photographers want to be able to use their drones for commercial use, which does require a pilots license and it turns out, the fastest most affordable way to get one is learning how to fly hot air balloons.

The commercial drone industry is currently in legal limbo while the Federal Aviation Administration works out the legal rules on how this type of aircraft can operate. Currently you have to apply for what is known as a 333 Exemption. Roughly 1,000 have been grated so far in the USA and dozens are being approved daily. A certification in ballooning could get you one of these licenses in less than a month. Only a few hundred bucks per lesson, this is a more affordable way of getting your commercial drone license for the time being.

Near Misses Between Drones And Commercial Aircraft Have Nearly Doubled Since 2014

While learning to fly a balloon might not be relevant to operating a camera drone, knowledge of the rules and safety of airspace does. This is required for all pilot certification. The consequences of operating a drone without the knowledge or certification could be a costly situation. A few months back firefighting aircraft we're repeatedly forced to abort missions over California wild fires due to nearby drone activity causing safety issues. The FAA announced that there have been over 650 near misses between commercial aircraft and errant camera drones.

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