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Underground Drone Racing

Taking place in an abandoned warehouse in Melbourne, Australia, 30 drone racers have gathered for a high speed showdown in a drone race competition. They spent countless hours preparing their drones with multi rotors and custom fitted cameras. This is a new sport known as FPV racing or first person view. The drone racers use special goggles to give them a drones eye as if they are in the cockpit of the drone itself. Their top speed averages between 30-35 miles an hour and its quite an adrenaline rush according to the drone racers.

Darren French, one of the drone racers said,

"It's an addictive sport. It's like playing a video game. The more you do it the more you want to fly."

Drones are strongly regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, but these drone racers fly them indoors, outside of the CASA's jurisdiction.


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